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Regularly switching supplier his a proven way of saving money. Whether you know what your looking for or whether you want to take our fitness test to see how much you could save on all your products then My Finance Review is the place for you. Our extensive list of partners could help you switch and save.

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Let us take the hassle out of saving money for you. No more waiting, no more awful hold music, we get our partners to contact you directly. Your power as a consumer has never been greater, companies need customers, you hold the power over your financial future. Let savings come to you.


Need a Credit Card, or a Loan. Or network of partners can help find you the best deal on everything you’re looking for. Ensuring your repayments affordable and getting the best rate is only half the battle, ensuring that your loan is over the correct legnth and that you are borrowing the correct ammount is almost as important. Whatever you need and why ever you may need it, we try our network of partners and see if we can help you.

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Tax, Hire Purchase, Lease, Lease, Apr, Fuel Economy and Emissions all these buzz words and key phrases can make finding the right car a pain. My Finance Review has partners who can help you get the best finance on your new car. Alternativley if you are looking for Car Insurance then we have partners that can help you get the cover you need, whether you need excessive milage cover, extra legal protection or even a lower no claims bonus. Whatever you need we can help find the right partner for you.

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Whether you are on PrePay or Direct Debit, staying on top of your energy bills and ensuring you are always on the best tarriff is a great way to make sure your money go further. It often pays to keep your Gas and Electricity tariff on a dual fuel programme as many providers reward such loyalty with even cheaper rates. Choosing the right supplier can be difficult at the best of times, all large energy suppliers have increased their tarriff prices recently so fixing your energy price is a great way to combat any unexpected price rises.

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Where would we be without our phones? Did you know that being without your phone for as much as twenty minutes can increase stress levels in the average person? Broadband is considered a fundamental human right in most countries now, we couldnt live without it. Just because something is important, doesnt mean it should be expensive. You can save yourself hundreds of pounds a year by ensuring that you are on the best plans for your mobile and internet.

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